Application Disclaimer


  • High Staff Recruitment S.R.L. offers its clients detailed consultancy services in the field of labour, labour placement, personnel selection, staff development. Our objective is to connect the candidates with the right employers in the shortest time possible and to facilitate this process as much as possible.


  • High Staff Recruitment SRL is offering total confidentiality. Information regarding clients or candidates will be submitted only with their consent. Documents that are made available to employers/candidates will be handled in the same manner. Documents that emannate from High Staff Recruitment SRL belong exclusively to the company and cannot be transmitted directly or indirectly to third parties. Information emanating from High Staff Recruitment SRL or candidates cannot be transmitted to third parties without their prior consent.


  • If the employment contract made through High Staff Recruitment SRL is terminated during the first month following the date of the actual employment of the candidate, another job will be sought for that person.
  • In the event that High Staff Recruitment SRL cannot find a new suitable workplace within 3 months from the date of departure of the candidate, the commission will be refunded in full.
  • Upon expiry of the first month, the employment is considered to be done.

4.Rights and obligations

  • The candidate compels to pay the employment fee for his susccessfull employment/placement on the basis of an oral or written agreement (contract). The costs for designing a personalized and complete Curriculum Vitae, offering career consultancy, indentifying the matching vacancies, handling the full process with the employer, are fully supportted by High Staff Recruitment SRL. If a contract or employment is completed through High Staff Recruitment SRL, the candidate compels to pay 25% of the value of his net salary for the first month.
  • The employment fee the candidate is obliged to, is also applicable in the event that the candidate presented by High Staff Recruiment SRL is employed within the 6 months of the last written notice. The payment of the commission shall be paid within 30 days from the billing of the services provided by High Staff Recruitment SRL.

5.Applicable law; Jurisdiction

  • This Agreement shall be subject exclusively to romanian civil law.
  • The competent court for the settlement of any dispute arigsing under this contract shall be the Bucharest Court.